Textile Merchandising

The quality of our textile merchandising, along with our creativity, are major assets for the development of your range of tie-in products. Tailor-made custom products which will lend themselves to variations in diverse and coherent collections.

Whether it be by garment-manufacturing or by printing on blank garments for smaller quantities, we are able to offer a wide range of textile merchandising.

Our textile merchandising range spans many styles: Lifestyle or Urban wear, Supporter, Street wear and Basic.

Manufacturing allows you to create bespoke items by customizing every detail (inside and outside labels, hang tag; you can choose the exact colour; the design can be printed, embroidered, a patch ...). There is virtually no limit to creativity.

Hoodie, baseball cap, reversible jacket, polo, T-shirt, cap, hat, scarf, tie ... Our textile merchandising services will allow you to expand the range you offer your fans.